Introduction & Welcome

Part I: Building Blocks

  • Chapter 1 – The Basics
  • Chapter 2Game Design Atoms
  • Chapter 3Puzzle Design
  • Chapter 4Converting Digital to Physical

Part II: Chance and Skill

  • Chapter 5Elements of Chance
  • Chapter 6Elements of “Strategic” Skill
  • Chapter 7Elements of “Twitch” Skill
  • Chapter 8Chance and Skill: Finding the Balance

Part III: Writing Game Concepts

  • Chapter 9What Is Intellectual Property?
  • Chapter 10Creating Sequels
  • Chapter 11Targeting a Market
  • Chapter 12Learning an Unfamiliar Genre
  • Chapter 13Designing a Game to Tell a Story

Part IV: Additive and Subtractive Design

  • Chapter 14Adding and Subtracting Mechanics
  • Chapter 15“But Make It a Multiplayer”

Part V: Special Topics

  • Chapter 16 – Creating a User Interface
  • Chapter 17Games as Art
  • Chapter 18Games as a Teaching Tool…Seriously?
  • Chapter 19Serious Games
  • Chapter 20Casual Games
  • Chapter 21Social Networks and Games

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